Francis Drummond & Co. Ltd.

We Buy and Sell Shares

Francis Drummond is a professional Stock Brokerage and Investment Advisory Firm. We specialize in Trading of securities listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Our Services

Equities / Shares Trading

Buying and selling of shares listed on the NSE on behalf of clients including Offshore Investments which refer to investments done outside an investor’s home country through our correspondent firms.

Shares Account Management

We enable our clients with CDSC services such as account opening, pledges, private transfer of shares.

Online Trading

Francis Drummond provides an online trading platform to enhance client convenience, allow investors to trade & provide information needed to make quick & weighted decisions.

Fixed Income Trading

Fixed income securities i.e. trading of Government securities and corporate bonds. These are investments of funds by individuals or corporates.


Francis Drummond assists clients in the Transfer/Transmission, immobilization and dematerialization of share certificates of all listed companies into a CDS account.