FD is principally involved in professional stock brokerage and investment advisory services. We specialize in the brokerage of shares for different companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

The predominant types of products/services which we offer are:-

  • Equities/shares:

What we do:-

  1. Buying and selling of shares on the NSE on behalf of clients;
  2. Opening CDS accounts;
  3. Assisting clients in the immobilisation/dematerialization of shares.
  • Fixed income securities i.e. trading of Government securities and corporate bonds;
  • Money markets instruments such as Treasury Bills. These are short-term investments of funds by individuals or corporates; and
  • Offshore Investments which refer to investments done outside an investor’s home country.

All these services are offered to all forms of investors comprising companies, institutions, groups and individual investors.

    Research and analysis

    To cater to our client’s market research needs and information for making investment decisions. Research carried out includes:-

    • General market research and analysis
    • Extensive information on bank interest rates, historical share prices, sector analysis, national macro-economic analysis and business sentiment analysis is available.
    • Specific companies research analysis i.e. information on companies in the securities market and their share valuation.

    The value-adding services enable our clients to make more informed portfolio selections and investment decisions.